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Design Roundup January 2021

Design Roundup January 2021

  • In this Design Roundup January 2021 blog post, we cover the best things in the design world that we found over the course of the previous month.
Design Roundup January 2021

We know the importance for designers to stay updated with relevant news and trends. It not only keeps designers well informed but also helps them to find inspiration, improve workflow, and deliver better results to their clients.

In this monthly series, we aim to round up some of the best things in the design world that we found over the course of the previous month. We aim to make this your best go-to destination for all the great stories, news, tools, resources, and everything that can make you more creative and productive.

Here’s what you may find interesting for designers this month.

Documenting the history of graphic design

Documenting the history of graphic design

Matt Lamont in this website has document printed matter to provide a digital preservation of all things in print. Its aim is to digitise his entire design collection, whilst offering free easy-to-digest articles and interviews to inspire.

Quantifying UX Improvements: A Case Study

A research-driven overhaul of a metal and woodworking machinery B2B site’s information architecture resulted in an 85% improvement of findability.

One Figma component — 3,360 Variants

One component to rule them all.


Forms made simple (and cute). Designless, multistep, conversational, secure, all-in-one WordPress forms plugin.

The Job of a Graphic Designer (2021)

The Job of a Graphic Designer (2021)

What a graphic designer does on a day to day basis depends largely on the industry in which they work. However, their underlying skill sets are similar. In this article, we’ll explore the skills needed to become a graphic designer, the main tools they use, the types of projects graphic designers work on, and more. Let’s go!



A friendly, open source React iconset

Illustrating concepts using Figma’s Smart Animate

How to use Figma’s Smart Animate feature to illustrate concepts in your work as a product designer.

Akar Icons

Akar Icons

Perfectly rounded icon library made for designers and developers

How to create futuristic interfaces in figma [Tutorial on YouTube]

Low-code for designers

Empowering designers and non-developers to get dirty (in a good way).

How to estimate design work

How to estimate design work

In this article, Marc-Oliver explores some of the pitfalls of cost estimations for digital product- and service design. 

My playbook for shipping side projects

Here are the tips and strategies Brian Loving have learned from shipping many side projects over the years, including his personal siteSecurity ChecklistStaff Design and Design Details:

Continuous Typography

Notes toward a continuous framework for screen typography

Pika – An open-source colour picker app for macOS

Pika - An open-source colour picker app for macOS

Pika (pronounced pi·kuh, like picker) is an easy to use, open-source, native colour picker for macOS. Pika makes it simple to quickly find colours onscreen, in the format you need, so you can get on with being a speedy, successful designer.


An online editor for busy developers.

Best practices for carousels

Optimize carousels for performance and usability.

Visiwig – Vector Pattern Generator

Visiwig - Vector Pattern Generator

Customize seamless patterns and export for the web or your favorite vector software

Aesthetic and Minimalist Design (Usability Heuristic #8)

Aesthetically pleasing designs can provide memorable experiences that differentiate a brand. However, interfaces should only include necessary elements, with high informational value. Clarity will always win over visual flourish.

SVG waves generator in a simple and easy to configure manner.

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