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Design Roundup October 2020

Design Roundup October 2020

  • In this Design Roundup October 2020 blog post, we cover the best things in the design world that we found over the course of the previous month.
Design Roundup October 2020

We know the importance for designers to stay updated with relevant news and trends. It not only keeps designers well informed but also helps them to find inspiration, improve workflow, and deliver better results to their clients.

In this monthly series, we aim to round up some of the best things in the design world that we found over the course of the previous month. We aim to make this your best go-to destination for all the great stories, news, tools, resources, and everything that can make you more creative and productive.

Here’s what you may find interesting for designers this month.

How to solve any design problem by understanding its roots

In this article, you’ll learn (or remember) what is the one thing you need to start solving any problem. 

How to find your niche as a UI/UX designer the other way

Solving design problems through networked thinking

Radix Icons (Free)

A crisp set of 15×15 icons designed by the Modulz team.

Futura® Now – Premium font with free option

Futura® Now, the definitive version of the family that defined modern typography, contains 102 styles. Its contemporary alignment of names and weights offers an improved user experience. And it’s also available as a Variable font—delivering limitless styles in a tidy digital footprint.

FontExplorer X - Makes Everyone an Expert

Design Leadership for Introverts

In this article Tim Yeo discusses how introverted designers and design leaders can operate successfully in a world where the extrovert ideal is desired.

31 Ways to Improve Your Web Design Skills

Web design is such a fun field to be in and there is always something to learn. That’s why the author of this article is going to look at 31 ways you can continue to improve your learn web design skills overtime and how you can do so in a way that is both fun and productive. 

Daily Routines

Readymag explored the lives and work habits of five designers from different backgrounds to find out what helps them stay productive and creative.

How to present your logos to the client?

When you present your logo work to clients, your goal is convincing them in your creative vision and stylistic choices. There’s a problem, though – clients aren’t designers. Things that you take for granted might not be that obvious to a client. Creative decisions that would be immediately appreciated by fellow-designers or art-directors often don’t stand out to business owners.

UX Research for Brand Colour

An interesting article on UX research for brand colour by Clo S

Fontacular Bundle - Monotype

22 Ways to Make Money as a Web Designer

You may have never considered how to make money as a web designer outside of building websites for clients. Today we’re going to challenge that and help you get those creative juices flowing by looking at 22 ways web designers can make more money from their skills and interest.

The good line-height

Have you ever needed to create a type scale following an 8 point baseline grid, or really any grid, and had to spend extra time figuring out what should be the right line-height for every text size in the scale?No worries! The good line-height calculates the exact number so it always fits the baseline grid!

The future of experiences, according to a theme park designer

A complete guide to website migration

In this article you will find the in depth and the best way to website migration.

How to pick more beautiful colors for your data visualizations

How to pick more beautiful colors for your data visualizations
How to pick more beautiful colors for your data visualizations

Common color mistakes and how to avoid them

How to Identify and Find Fonts from Images

To identify a font from images has never been easy, but this guide will help you to get it done.

How to do a website audit: a 7-step guide

A handy and helpful 7 step guide for website audit.

How to market yourself as a creative entrepreneur

How to market yourself as a creative entrepreneur

Marketing can feel like a daunting task. There are so many options out there, and so many different approaches. Do you need to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on ads to get results? Do you need an Instagram account with 10,000 followers before you get anywhere? What if you just don’t feel like you have any time for marketing?

How to Use Email Infographics to Engage Subscribers

Stand out in a crowded inbox and get your audience to read your emails is by incorporating infographics in email newsletters.

CSS Background Patterns

CSS Background Patterns

Beautiful pure CSS background patterns that you can actually use in your projects!
Created by @d__raptis

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