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Augmented Reality: Mobile App Development Future

Augmented Reality: Mobile App Development Future

  • Augmented Reality (AR) technology is making inroads so rapidly and that could be seen with its growth in recent years 2020. Various market leaders such as Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, and Google are putting more effort to develop AR devices and environments, and their efforts have been complemented by the customers as well.
Augmented Reality: Mobile App Development Future

Augmented Reality (AR) technology is making inroads so rapidly and that could be seen with its growth in recent years 2020. Various market leaders such as Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, and Google are putting more effort to develop AR devices and environments, and their efforts have been complemented by the customers as well.

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As per Digi-Capital, by 2022 around 3.5 billion people will be using mobile augmented reality applications. AR technology applications and devices will generate revenue of around 90 Billion USD annually. These statistics show how Augmented reality will remain in trends in upcoming years.

What is AR and why is it so immensely popular?

Augmented Reality (AR) is a technology that merges spatially registered digital content with the real-world environment of the user. The user experience is further enhanced by using touch, gestures, smell, and sound. 

It has opened a plethora of avenues to transform the way businesses were interacting with their customers.

AR technologies and apps will play a key role in the development of “Industry 4.0” and “Smart Factories” and paving the way to make the concept of “Smart Home” and “Smart Cities” successful. Today, most organizations and industries are aggressively using AR technologies to improve their operations. 

Let’s discuss some popular AR trends and Its Future :

Popular Trends of AR App Development

With a massive market to tap into, Augmented Reality can offer an unprecedented competitive edge in many industries.  AR allows seamless process improvement and also offers utmost efficiency at the workplace. 

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Let’s take a glimpse at some of the popular AR trends driving the revolution and innovation in 2022.

Mobile AR

Mobile Augmented Reality has been gaining a lot of traction in a while. Apple has been working on Apple AR kit 4, whereas Google has been developing AR Core technology for google maps.

These technologies can be used with supported AR-capable smartphones to transform devices. AR offers the flexibility to choose various features to incorporate fun elements in videos and photos. 

Indoor & Outdoor Navigation Apps

AR allows the development of intuitive and powerful navigation apps.  Mobile apps could be equipped with virtual guides, that can direct the user from one location to another more naturally than the conventional map applications. 

This makes AR the best technology to develop navigation applications for both outdoor and indoor environments. The current trends suggest that navigational components including beacons, Bluetooth devices, QR codes rely heavily on AR.

Retail and Shopping Apps

AR is a big boon for the Retail and Shopping domain. We can develop mobile apps for the clothing industry, that work on AR clothing concepts. It enables users to find clothes with perfect size and color in one click. 

Users can use a virtual fitting room to determine suitable clothes for themselves. AR-aided applications can offer valuable information about the clothes, as it allows overlaying images and text over the physical objects. AR mobile app development companies are very helpful for the Retail and Shopping sector, as they make the shopping experience more interactive, create a fun element for consumers, that improves sales and customer satisfaction.

AR in Healthcare

Augmented Reality has been used vociferously in the Healthcare sector. AR is making it easy to develop applications that can make imaging, medical education, nurse training, and dentistry easy and affordable. 

You can build AR applications that can help us in various aspects of Healthcare such as Surgery Preparation, Medical Imaging, Better Symptom Description, Innovative Drug Information, Easier Vein identification. 

AR apps can assist practitioners to understand and explain the patient’s situation better. It also helps patients to understand the situation as it simplifies tough medical terms. 

Automotive Industry Apps

The AR apps in the automobile industry assist organizations to streamline their processes, cost-saving, and human resources, right from pre-production through after-sales services. 

Car manufacturers are using AR apps in their showrooms to offer their potential buyers a test drive of the vehicle before deciding to purchase one. Augmented Reality can simplify the overall designing process by removing the prototype creation stage. Design engineers can use AR to project 3D models of the under-construction vehicle in the real world.

Team collaboration Apps

It is a serious challenge for any organization to enable team meetings and assist the clients round the clock. Augmented Reality enables developers to build applications that can help users to communicate with hand movements or gestures. 

We have plenty of apps that assign life-like pictures to the remote users, which gives a feeling of being physically available during the meetings. Applications can use the 3D mockup feature for team meetings, conferences, and even concerts to provide a next-level collaboration experience. 

Learning and Development

AR is an effective technology to develop exceptional Learning and Developing apps that truly immerse a user in a specific subject. AR-aided learning can assist remote users to interact with the content directly, which enhances the learning tremendously. 

AR applications are used for resolving complex objects, especially the students with various kinds of learning disabilities. The usage of AR makes the subjects more interactive and helps the users to remain focused on their learning while eliminating any sort of distractions.

Gaming Apps

AR Gaming is an ) is an amalgamation of game audio and visual content with the end user’s environment in real-time. AR gaming applications can be used using specialized Lens, VR headsets, and other supported devices. 

We have seen the unprecedented success of Pokémon, unarguably the most popular AR game, and other organizations are trying to replicate its success. 

AR hardware

To use Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality apps, we must use smart gadgets with a multifaceted composition of Hardware modules. Since the launch of AR hardware, Google Glass, AR headsets, and other AR devices, the usage of AR hardware have been jumped multifold.

After the development of AR technologies by Google (ARCore) and Apple (ARKit) as an integral part of their operating systems, the growth of AR optimized hardware is getting more realistic.

Facial Recognition Apps

AR facial recognition technology develops an ’emphatic camera’ that can identify the various aspects of a human face and generate a grid. This can be further processed by snapping AR assets such as animations, effects, filters, and more on specific areas of the face. 

AR enables developers to build swap apps like reface app that can perform Public Figures Facial Recognition, Image tagging in social networks, Face recognition in advertising, and suggest Makeup by recognizing the face type.

Future of Augmented Reality

The entire world is looking at the future of AR with bated breath as it has an enormous potential to make our lives hassle-free and secure. You may find it hard to believe, but Augmented Reality can make the impossible possible. 

Humans possess an intrinsic trait, they strived hard to improve themselves via invention and exploration, the Augmented Reality is a perfect representation of this human tendency. 

AR has provided an unconventional yet innovative method to connect people around the globe instantly. 

It has transformed the way we interact with the real and virtual world. For the Manufacturing industry, AR can accelerate and facilitate the development and improvement of business workflows and processes. 

The Real Estate industry is using AR to develop virtual tours and elaborative visual presentations to help potential buyers make informed decisions. 

Augmented Reality is indeed transforming the Automotive industry, as it offers transparency, customized features, and ease of use.

For the Education industry, the AR provides a unique cognition path that ensures highly immersive and real-life simulations for the students. 

AR is reshaping the Travel and Tourism industry by providing adequate insights into locations and sightseeing. It enhances the user’s experience with new cultures and traditions. In the Retail and Shopping industry, AR enables a whole new level of interaction between the business and customers. 

We are witnessing the usage of Mixed Reality (XR), which joins the aspects of Augmented and Virtual reality, that is going to push the user experience to several notches higher. 

In a nutshell, we can say that Augmented Reality has a shining future, and it is going to transform various industries in decades to come.


Augmented Reality (AR) technology has established itself as one of the most vital innovations in the world, that is opening novel avenues for every industry. 

AR is influencing almost every sector from Real Estate to Healthcare, and from Gaming to the Automobile industry. 

The scope of Augmented Reality has been increasing tremendously, which pushed the Technology giants like Google, Apple, Facebook, and Microsoft are investing heavily in it. 

The future of AR looks bright and quite optimistic, as more businesses are using AR to create innovative features to overcome industry-specific challenges. 

In the future, we are about to witness a whole range of unprecedented opportunities that can benefit the world immensely, hence it is not an exaggeration to say that Augmented Reality technology is going to rule the world.

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