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Design Roundup November 2020

Design Roundup November 2020

  • In this Design Roundup November 2020 blog post, we cover the best things in the design world that we found over the course of the previous month.
Design Roundup November 2020

We know the importance for designers to stay updated with relevant news and trends. It not only keeps designers well informed but also helps them to find inspiration, improve workflow, and deliver better results to their clients.

In this monthly series, we aim to round up some of the best things in the design world that we found over the course of the previous month. We aim to make this your best go-to destination for all the great stories, news, tools, resources, and everything that can make you more creative and productive.

Here’s what you may find interesting for designers this month.

Design good practices

Guidelines to naming conventions, components structure and document organization. A project by @millonestarde.

How to Write Microcopy That Improves the User Experience

If you’ve ever wondered what all goes into writing microcopy, pour yourself a micro-cup of espresso or a micro-brew and read on!

Phosphor Icons

Phosphor is a flexible icon family for interfaces, diagrams, presentations — whatever, really.

Learning 3D as a product designer

30 days of Blender.

A Complete Guide to CSS Gradients

Gradients are typically one color that fades into another, but CSS allows you to control every aspect of how that happens, from the direction and the shape to the colors and how they transition from one to another. In this article, the author discusses the basic syntax of CSS Gradients

How to run a design critique and get feedback on your work

Design crits are a great way to get feedback from your immediate design team on your work. In this video I walk through how we run design crits on my team at Uber and how you can get started introducing these to your team!

7 (more) tips to help you quickly improve your UIs.

In this follow up article, the author has put together a small, and easy to practice selection of tips that can, with little effort, help improve both your designs (UI), and the overall user experience (UX).

Create Your Personal Branding Strategy in 4 Simple Steps

No Code MBA

Premium step by step video tutorials building projects like Product Hunt, Tinder, Zillow, and Headspace.

The Fonts in Popular Things Identified Vol. 2

Fonts identified collage

The second installment of a blog series on Typewolf, where the author identify the fonts used in popular things. 

How to use emotion to make your brand’s content more compelling

Content is no different. If you want something to resonate with audiences, you need to tap into what emotions you’re addressing. If you don’t have a handle on this, you won’t execute the content as well as you could have, and you may not engage as many people as you’d anticipated.

Here are some best practices the author has found when it comes to fusing emotion and content.

25 Free Icon Sets You Can Download and Use Today

40 Ecommerce Icons - Free Icon Sets

Here is a compilation of 25 free icon sets that are currently available for download.

UI Design Challenge Generator

Become a better UI designer at your own pace

What Is the Average Web Designer’s Salary in 2020? Deep Dive into the Data

web designer salary

30 Classic Ideas That Serve as Logo Design Inspirations in 2020

A business logo is so much more than just a random design. It can show your customers what your brand means, what it is all about, and is also the answer to how you want to portray yourself. 

5 Small Business Website Essentials You Need for Your Site

Here are five small business website essentials you need to know to help your company succeed online.


Whitespaces and zero width ​characters with buttons for copying to clipboard, short mnemonics and usage comments.

User Experience Design Essentials – Figma UX UI Design

User Experience Design Essentials – Figma UI UX Design, How to become a UX UI Designer

Illustrator on the iPad MasterClass

Master the World’s best vector illustration tool in a completely new interface, designed for touch and Apple Pencil!

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