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6 Excellent Ideas to Make Passive Income for Designers

6 Excellent Ideas to Make Passive Income for Designers

Passive income for designers -

6. Start a podcast

Start a podcast
Passive income for designers – Start a podcast

The market for podcasts has been rapidly increasing. As people get busy, they don’t find time to read, so they opt for podcasts. But that’s not the only reason. It is the convenience with which one can stay updated on his favorite topic. I usually drive to work and I start my favorite podcast the moment I start my car. This allows me to utilize my time in better way and learn on the move. If you have an expertise that you would like to share, then podcast is a good option. This will also help you build your brand and following. You start a podcast about designing, creative challenges or go pick a deeper niche topics like user research or wireframe prototyping. You will always find a topic to talk about.

Starting a podcast is easy and in some cases free. For example, Audacity is one of the platforms you can use for free without any hassles. Or you can consider websites like to get started with your design podcast.

Below are few websites that can help you get started with podcast.

Some articles to get you started on podcast

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Final Words

To conclude, the design industry is amazing and gives you many opportunities. You can get creative and innovative and at the same time make additional money with your skills. There are plenty of ideas that you can side hustle to make extra income. These 6 Passive Income Ideas For Designers can be a way to get started. So, give these a try and see how productive and steady your financial status becomes.

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