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6 Excellent Ideas to Make Passive Income for Designers

6 Excellent Ideas to Make Passive Income for Designers

Passive income for designers -

3. Create your own course

Create your own course
Passive income for designers – Create your own course

You can create your own course and sell online. Just create a course on your expertise or passion areas and sell it online. You can create course about anything right from teaching Photoshop or HTML to simple Graphic design concepts or color theories.

As per current studies, by 2021, online courses will have a steadier market. So creating your own course is a good idea. There are lot of websites where you can sell your course.

Tips: To create a top-selling course, you have to pick a profitable idea, course outline, course content, record a high quality video and then fix a reasonable rate. However, different websites have different payment methods, so you have to check it before you upload the course.

Below are popular websites to your own courses

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