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6 Excellent Ideas to Make Passive Income for Designers

6 Excellent Ideas to Make Passive Income for Designers

Passive income for designers -

2. Sell themes and templates

Sell themes and templates
Passive income for designers – Sell themes and templates

Selling themes and templates is another profitable passive income ideas for designers. There is always a need for well designed themes and template. A lot of business and even designers prefers to buy a professional theme, instead of spending time creating a new one. If you have the capabilities of delivering a high quality themes and template and ensure your buyers are happy with your product, then trust me you will potentially open doors to a gigantic income source.

Simply focus on creating themes or templates around a particular niche, an expertise or an industry and start creating. You can sell website themes, WordPress themes, Shopify themes, Stock Images, Resume Templates, Brochure Templates, Flyer Templates, Logo’s, Icon’s, Font’s etc. Once you have created some, make it available on online marketplace. 

There are lot of marketplace where you start selling easily.

Below are popular marketplaces to sell themes and templates

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