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Best UI Interaction’s of the month – Jan 2020

Best UI Interaction’s of the month – Jan 2020

  • In this blog post series, we share our curated collection of Best UI Interactions in the month of Jan 2020.
Best UI Interaction’s of the month – Jan 2020 -

We love UI Interactions. Some of the best UI Interactions has made a lasting impact by delighting the users and creating a moment that is engaging and welcoming. I am sure many of us who have used Mailchimp services, must have remembered the Hi-5 you get from the Mailchimp mascot Freddie when you successfully send the newsletter. It is memorable, successful and one of the most-cited examples of user empathy.

Our thought is to curate such cool micro-interaction and interaction designs that will get you inspired for your next project. We plan to share a collection of top interaction designs and micro-interaction every month and this collection is the first one of the monthly series. We welcome you to be a part of this series and share your thoughts and feedback.

Here is our collection for January 2020.

Thank you.


by Oleg Turbaba

Piccolo — A Self-Order App

by Andrew for Zypsy 

Event ios mobile app animation

by Taras Migulko

M. Editorial Website Article Inner Animation

by Zhenya Rynzhuk for Sochnik

Nightingale (Live)

by Nathan Riley for green chameleon

MicroAcquire – Helping Startups Find Buyers

via Gfycat

by Igor Pavlinski for Zajno Crew

Camshare UI KIT II

by Anton Tkachev for UI8

SkyCash animation

by Joanna Charczuk for ETHWORKS

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by Aaron Iker

Reading Dashboard

by Hoang Nguyen 

Calorie Calculator App Interactions

by tubik 

Awwwards Annual Awards 2019

by Hrvoje Grubisic for Bornfight

Design of dark UI for portfolio website (black and orange)

by Aleksandr 


by Kyle Anthony Miller for Brass Hands

Email sequence creation

by Paula Ciastek for Growbots

Fruit Beer | e-Commerce Catalog Management

by Lollypop Design Studio 

Digital Arts Exhibition – Landing Page

by Minh Pham

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