meetchrisfields.com - an authors website - DesignXplorer.co
Meetchrisfield.com – A well-designed website of a speaker.

Get inspired by Meetchrisfield.com is the website of Chris Field, a well-known author and a speaker of two ted talks.

DesignXplorer.co - Reflectly App Design
Reflectly – An App Designed for Personal Journaling

Get inspired by Reflectly a journal utilizing artificial intelligence to help you structure and reflect upon your daily thoughts and problems.

Bruno Ortholland's Portfolio Website - monsieurnoss.com
Bruno Ortolland – Portfolio website of a CG Artist.

Get inspired by Bruno Ortholland’s portfolio website – A CG Artist from Paris

Best UI Interaction’s of the month – Jan 2020 - DesignXplorer.co
Best UI Interaction’s of the month – Jan 2020

In this blog post series, we share our curated collection of Best UI Interactions in the month of Jan 2020.

Best UI Interaction's of the month - Dec 2019
Best UI Interaction’s of the month – Dec 2019

We love UI Interactions. Some of the best UI Interactions has made a lasting impact by delighting the users and creating a moment that is engaging and welcoming. We plan to share a collection of top interaction designs and micro-interaction every month and this collection is the first one of the monthly series.